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                      Products >> Rock Drill

                      Y26 Hand-held Rock Drill

                      Y26 hand held rock drill is mainly used in for drilling in the mine, railway and water conservancy projects as well as second blasting work etc. it has the character of lower vibration to operator, robust and durable spare parts.

                      Product Model Y26
                      Weight (kg) 26
                      Length (mm) 650
                      Shank size (mm) H22x108/ H25x108
                      Drilling diameter (mm) 34-42
                      Piston diameter (mm) 65
                      Piston stroke (mm) 70
                      Working Air Pressure  (Mpa) 0.4
                      Impact energy (J) ≥30
                      Impact frequency  (Hz) ≥23
                      Rotation (r/min) ≥200
                      Air consumption  (L/s) ≤47
                      Air pipe inner diameter (mm) 19
                      Water pipe inner diameter (mm) 13
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